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I get how hard this first step can be: you’re inviting someone into your home. Your belongings are personal – they’re a closely-held part of your life. If it was easy to declutter and organize these items, you’d already have done it. But the good news is, together we can work through your items, sort them, and get your spaces to a place where you’re happy with what you own, and happy with how it’s stored. See for yourself how we can transform your space!


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Pantry Before Neatly Placed LLCPantry After Neatly Placed LLC
Pantry 2 Before Neatly Placed LLCStorage Room After Neatly Placed LLC
Garage Before Neatly Placed LLCBasement After Neatly Placed LLC
Cluttered Play Area Before Neatly Placed LLCKids Kitchen After Neatly Placed LLC
Garage 2 Before Neatly Placed LLCBasement After Neatly Placed LLC
Kids closet before Neatly Placed LLCKids closet after Neatly Placed LLC
Cluttered Corner Before Neatly Placed LLCKids Corner After Neatly Placed LLC
Kitchen Before Neatly Placed LLCNeat Kitchen after Neatly Placed LLC
Basement Pantry Before Neatly Placed LLCBasement Pantry After Neatly Placed LLC
Closet before Neatly Placed LLCCloset after Neatly Placed LLC
Attic before Neatly Placed LLCAttic After Neatly Placed LLC
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You don’t have to live with clutter. Let’s connect and create the organized space you deserve.

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Neat Closet

“Thank you Corie for helping me organize my closet. You are excellent in seeing an organizing need and putting a plan together to reach goals. My needs and goals were met.”

Darlene J., Clifton, NJ